Join us for 

"The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience"

Understand and feel the struggle they go through every day

​​Put yourself in the shoes of a child with dyslexia.

Imagine you are sitting in a classroom.


You are asked to read this paragraph to the class.


The person that always makes fun of  how you read is sitting right next to you.


You keep getting stuck and you don't know if you will ever get through this.


Your teacher is getting frustrated with you because it is taking you SO long to read it!

How did that make you feel?

What is your anxiety level on a scale of 1-10?


Did you understand anything you read?

How do you feel about yourself right now?

This is just a glimpse of what a person with dyslexia experiences every day!!

Myths Believed By Many About Dyslexia. . .

  • That the main signs of dyslexia are reading and writing letters backwards.

  • That dyslexia doesn't show up until elementary school.
  • Kids with dyslexia just need to try harder to read.
  • Dyslexia goes away once kids learn to read.
  • Dyslexia is a vision problem.
  • Kids who don't speak English can't have dyslexia.
  • Dyslexia is caused by not reading enough at home.

But NONE of these are true!!!!

With these simulations YOU will experience first hand what people that have dyslexia go through every day!!

With The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience, you will:

experience first hand what it is like to be dyslexic

develop a whole new level of understanding of what people that have dyslexia experience every day of their lives

walk in someone's shoes so then you are better able to understand how to help them at home and school


Who is "The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience" for?

The parent of a child that has been diagnosed with dyslexia and you want to learn what it might be like for them.

You think your child may have dyslexia and you want to learn what it is like. 

Anyone interested in learning more about dyslexia and what those with dyslexia often experience.

I am offering this immersive interactive simulation so you can develop understanding and empathy for people who live with this every day


“I think this experience has given me a whole new level of understanding of what my son experiences every day.  And, I definitely think I will be much more patient with him and just realizing how hard he is working. (These simulations) really brought that home for me"
— Kathleen, parent
"After five simulations ... I am feeling very frustrated, angry, unintelligent, upset with myself and my abilities, and just a lack of motivation now, kind of giving up ... I am a Special Education teacher. I work closely with students that have dyslexia. Every simulation we did .. is completely right on. I've seen firsthand a person who struggles, all the avoidance and exhaustion. One thing they need to know is they are very intelligent human beings and to be congratulated for really trying hard and moving forward."
-Jacqueline, Special Education Teacher

During "The Dyslexia Eye-Opening Experience" you will:

Be put through 5 different immersive interactive simulations to gain first hand experience what it is like to be dyslexic

Simulation 1. Reading Comprehension


In this simulation, you will experience how struggling to read words you don't know affects understanding of what you read.  When a person with dyslexia is not able to read fluently, they are not able to remember what they read.

Simulation 2. Writing simulation #1 


In this simulation you will feel how dyslexia can affect writing.  You will see how when you are not given time to process or think about what you are writing will affect your ability to create sentences that are neat and written so you can read it. 

Simulation 3. Round Robin Reading


In this simulation you will feel the impact reading aloud has on people with dyslexia.  When they are asked to read in front of others, it can cause them to feel self-conscious about how they sound while they are reading. 


Simulation 4. Writing Simulation #2 


This simulation is for you to understand and feel what it is like when spelling and how word choice impacts writing.  People with dyslexia often have great ideas but get lost in the process of trying to spell or come up with words that they can spell.  This makes it so they lose their train of thought of what they wanted to write.  

Simulation 5. Processing


Experience what it is like for a person that has dyslexia and how they process new information when it is given quickly.  It is not that they are not able to understand, but it takes them more time and in smaller chunks.

+ these bonuses!


Common Signs of Dyslexia by Age Checklist


A checklist of the warning signs of dyslexia that people might display.


($10 VALUE)


Together we will create

"Our Groups Top Accommodations for Dyslexia Workbook"  


After each simulation, we will talk about what a teacher could have done to make the assignment meaningful. 


These are the accommodations that your child would benefit from having in class. 


At the end of the course, I will compile all of our accommodations that you have experienced yourself and feel will be the most helpful for a child with dyslexia in an workbook for you.


($25 VALUE)


Here's what you get when you sign up!

1. 5 live immersive interactive Zoom calls ($797 VALUE)

You will experience 5 live simulations that will give you a glimpse of what a person with dyslexia experiences. Because of the live component, it is highly effective and an eye-opening experience to what they may be experiencing. 


2. LIFETIME access to an exclusive private Facebook group/ community

($ 250 + INVALUABLE)

  • all resources that are needed for the course will be in the files section of the group

  • links to various sites and resources about dyslexia

  • a supportive community where you can share about your experiences with each simulation
  • develop a network of people that have been going through the same thing
  • replays of the live calls will emailed to you


3. Bonuses ($35 VALUE)

"The Signs of Dyslexia" checklist &

"The Top Accommodations for Dyslexia" workbook


But you can get it today for just:







  • 5 immersive live interactive dyslexia simulations

  • Exclusive Facebook community

  • BONUS: The Signs of Dyslexia checklists

  • BONUS: Top Accommodations for Dyslexia workbook








  • 5 immersive live interactive dyslexia simulations

  • Exclusive Facebook community

  • BONUS: The Signs of Dyslexia checklists

  • BONUS: Top Accommodations for Dyslexia



"I am excited that I now understand it. But, also so much empathy for him .... This experience will change my patience level ... more understanding of the amount of time, brainpower & energy that it takes him to do what is asked of him in school."
-Michelle, parent

"After experiencing the simulations.. my brain kind of hurt at the end and I felt kind of tired. I had to work extra hard... But, also the uplifting part is that I do feel good that I can kind of understand from someone who has dyslexia, their perspective... I feel like all teachers should experience something like this because it really does put you in the spot of someone who has dyslexia. It really can be an eye-opener."

- Brittany, Elementary Teacher

The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Simulation


5 live interactive classes where you will experience and be put through exactly what people that have dyslexia go through every day.


Participate from ANYWHERE in the world


The course is a live immersive interactive Zoom call. It will be streamed into our exclusive Facebook group, where you can access the replays anytime.

Is this course right for me?

This course is a fantastic fit for you if:

  • You want to learn what it is like to live with dyslexia.

  • If you desire to understand and learn what a person with dyslexia goes through every day.

  • If you want to understand why your child is so tired when they come home from school.

This course isn't the best fit for you if:

  • You're not willing to be open to the experience

  • You are content with your understanding of what your child is going through.

  • You're resistant to understanding what it is like to live with dyslexia.

Email me at

I'll help you decide if it's right for you!

You need this course because:

With "The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience", you will actually FEEL what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone who is dyslexic.  This will give you a deeper understanding and you will be able to empathize with your child to create a better life for them.

You have two choices here...


If you decide not to go through the simulation: 

  • NOTHING will change!
  • You will continue to not understand what a person that has dyslexia is going through every day.
  • Your child will continue to feel frustrated that you don't get them.




When you put yourself in the shoes of someone that is dyslexic:

  • You will be able to empathize and truly understand what they are going through.
  • You will have a better idea of how to help your child.
  • Your child will feel heard!
  • Your relationship with your child will be closer.


Take some time to think about this

Do you feel that you truly understand what struggles your child faces every day?

  • Do you want to have more patience?

    When you are sitting down with your child to do homework and they are crying and giving you a hard time.

  • Is your relationship with your child your number one priority?

    Do you want your child to feel heard and understood?

  • Don't live with regret that you didn't do this sooner!

    "The sooner a diagnosis is made, the quicker your child can get help, and the more likely you are to prevent secondary blows to her self-esteem.” The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

All I can say is, "You know how I feel."
- Adult with Dyslexia

Here's what happens when you sign up: 

1. You will receive an exciting email from me welcoming you to the course and any other important information that you need for the first simulation.


2. Also, in that email you will get a link to join the exclusive closed Facebook group.  Make sure you sign up right away!!


3. Make sure that you include your "Facebook name" so we make sure to let you into the group 😉.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions




The interactive course is made up of Zoom calls that are recorded and emailed to you.  All other course materials will be within the group files of our private Facebook community that you have LIFETIME access to.



I believe whole-heartedly in the The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience! 

If you don't feel that this is a right fit for you, after 2 full sessions, I will refund you your money.


Kathy Cousineau M.ed

Meet your teacher!

Hey there!!  My name is Kathy Cousineau and I will be taking you through "The Eye-Opening Dyslexia Experience".


My "why" for putting this all together is that in the 25+ years of teaching students with severe learning disabilities I have seen students with dyslexia misunderstood and treated like there is something wrong with them.  


They were told that they were playing games and just not trying.

Because of dyslexia being a "hidden" disability to the eye, people do not realize how severe of a disability these children are dealing with.  

Dyslexia impacts all areas of their lives, not just reading!  


I have seen the effect of the child thinking something was wrong with them and how that devastates their self esteem & confidence. 

It breaks my heart!!


I have fought so many battles to try to get these children what they need to be successful and to just level the playing field in the "typical" classroom. 


I have made it a passion of mine to help people actually experience and walk in the shoes of someone that is dyslexic so they can gain more patience, understanding and develop empathy for what they are going through.


This is why I have developed this online interactive class.  So that you can walk in the shoes of what it may be like to be dyslexic and truly embrace and understand the "hidden disability".